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The links below will take you to the companies that have been certified according to Fair Produce.

Click on the column headers to sort the companies according to name, location or Chamber of Commerce number. Newly registered companies are indicated by the N in front of their names. Companies that have recently had their certificate continued are indicated by a V.

BedrijfsnaamGeldig totKvK
Agarica BV1-6-201904017063info
Banken Champignons BV17-3-2019 10041307info
Braam Mushrooms Sales B.V.19-10-201922059235info
V Forest Flavour21-4-201960017198info
Fresh Mushroom Europe N.V.12-10-2019info
Goesten Champignons15-1-201930283471info
Heereco BV14-4-201953506480info
Heme Sales BV21-3-201917265558info
Hooza Trading BV17-3-201912032692info
V Kanters Paddestoelen BV1-1-202017210249info
Koolen Champignons B.V.27-3-201937125798info
Laseta Mushrooms BV6-10-201956623631info
Leenders - Trading 15-4-201911025067info
Limax BV14-4-201958673156info
Maasland Champignons Sales BV28-10-201930260436info
Monaghan Sales BV1-12-201857618895info
Nesco BV28-7-201971936696info
Spronk Trading Holland BV5-3-201911068897info
Van den Oord Trading BV6-11-201950549995info
Verhoeckx Paddenstoelen B.V.21-3-201911005905info
Westland Mushrooms BV17-3-201909189560info