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I am a dealer

Supermarket chains and wholesalers in food service require products from companies who treat their employees fairly. They deal with consumers who want to enjoy fresh and nutritious mushrooms, but who also want to be sure that the employees involved in the production have been treated fairly. That is why almost all supermarket chains in the Netherlands today are choosing for responsible production, i.e. Fair Produce mushrooms.

With the Fair Produce hallmark, you will guarantee the fair treatment of your employees. In other words:

  • they have been paid a fair wage according to the Dutch laws and regulations,
  • they are provided with good accommodation, and
  • they work under good labour conditions.
Companies in the mushroom sector permitted to use the Fair Produce hallmark meet requirements that exceed the legal ones. As a Dutch dealer who has demonstrated working methods according to the standards of Fair Produce you will stand out from the competition.

Past excesses in the area of labour conditions have had a negative impact on the image of the sector. Which is a shame. The Dutch mushroom sector represents a flourishing branch, providing consumers with nutritious and delicious produce that has been produced in a fair way. And you can demonstrate this by means of the Fair Produce hallmark.

Foreign retailers are also dealing with consumers who demand products that have been produced in a fair way. After all, underpayment, poor accommodation and bad labour conditions are not just issues that concern the Netherlands. Other European countries are also struggling with these. For you, as dealer of a Dutch product with a Fair Produce certificate, this represents an opportunity. In your negotiations with foreign customers, you will be able to mention the fact that you have been issued the Fair Produce certificate. To support your efforts, we welcome you to download the English or German brochure.